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Our Philosophy

When a client places their faith in us to oversee their project, we fully grasp the magnitude of that responsibility. We appreciate the financial, time, and emotional investments that they are making. And we also understand how deeply personal the undertaking is (to our clients), given we are working on the home they maybe bought as Newlyweds, the sanctuary where they are raising their kids, or the retreat where they intend to spend their Golden years together.

Whatever the scope of the project, there will be challenges. And in order to prevail over any challenges, we establish from the outset, and maintain throughout the project, an open and constant line of communication.

What evolves from this communication is a clear understanding of where we are collectively headed on this exciting – and sometimes bumpy – ride. What inevitably develops from our commitment to communication is trust.

With communication and trust established, we can then focus on our quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and creativity. And while we’re at it, we try to bring some fun and levity to the process. The end result is a renovation, addition, or remodel which fulfills our clients’ visions and becomes an integral part of their homes.

We have established good, strong relationships with our specialized subcontractors, trade partners, and suppliers who know that working with FullerHouse Construction means meeting our quality standards and maintaining a high level of professionalism while on the jobsite.

We are a small company and prefer to stay that way. Remaining “light and lean” gives us better control of our working environments, helps us streamline communication, and allows for quicker response and adjustment times. Ultimately, it allows us to establish and maintain a more personal touch.

We of course want to increase our client base, but the growth we’re primarily interested in is our good reputation and list of very satisfied customers

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