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Portfolio of Exterior Projects

Curb appeal.  It’s a term we’ve all come to know.  And we all understand it to be a highly desirable feature of our homes because, whatever market value curb appeal adds to a home, it most importantly brings us joy to see our aesthetic ideals on full display.

Outdoor Living.  Another term we’ve all come to know.  One that we here in Colorado – with our extraordinary number of sunny, agreeable weather days – deeply value.  Spending more time outdoors than indoors is a primary reason many of us choose to live here.  And our homes want to facilitate that desire.

Sometimes all a house needs to give it unique and alluring curb-appeal is a “face-lift”.  We have found that re-designing a front entry, perhaps including an added or expanded Porch area, can create the most dramatic and alluring transformation – with the added possibility of a treasured space to sit and enjoy the front Garden.

We also know that replacing windows, doors, and siding, while increasing energy efficiency, will also greatly freshen up the appearance of a home.  And of course we recognize that by expanding or creating Outdoor Living spaces, in the form of a Deck, Patio, or airy Studio, our clients can derive the most pleasure our fair state has to offer, while gaining the most value out of their property.

So whether part of a whole house renovation or simply as a stand alone project, we at FullerHouse Construction welcome any opportunity to provide our clients with the means to enjoy a morning coffee on the Front Porch, or an evening BBQ on the back deck – or any other way to appreciate the great Colorado outdoors right at home!

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